Data Solutions Platform

Manage, understand, and use your data in highly individualized ways.

Elegantly Simple. Exceptionally Powerful.

No 3rd Party Tools, No Special Skills, No Experience Required.

Built for Teams

Built with collaboration in mind, shared workspaces ensure no duplication of effort and any member can pick up where another left off.

Hierarchical Permissions

Collaborate with peace of mind by using BridgeBots multiple level permissions systems to ensure security and proper access.

Anytime Anywhere

Built in the cloud to ensure global access 365 Days a year, so no matter where your team is located, BridgeBots is there.

Audit Trails

All significant actions taken in BridgeBots are subject to audit trails that displays who did what and when.

Data Rollback

Accidents happen, many areas on BridgeBots allow for the possibility to revert data to a previous state.

Fully Managed

All BridgeBots services are fully managed, so no need to worry about IT operations or upgrades.

Flexible Pricing

Designed to scale with organizational success, we strive always to deliver flexible and transparent pricing.

Intuitive Usability

Intuitive software is more than nice to use; it reduces the cost of training and helps get people quickly back to the rest of their day.


Through thoughtful design, many aspects of BridgeBots are designed to provide one of a kind solutions without having to write custom software.


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BridgeBots and Company.

BridgeBots is a collection of programs based in the cloud, designed to provide customizable solutions to any number of problems. We strive to give any size organization the tools to do the impossible.

Our solutions are intuitively designed, quick to implement, and grow with organizational success.